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Aries Season 2022 Is Your Chance to Hit the Reset Button

Aries Season 2022 Is Your Chance to Hit the Reset Button

Here’s how to make the most of a whole new astrological cycle.

Maressa Brown is a journalist and astrologer who’s a regular lifestyle contributor and resident astrologer for InStyle. She has nearly two decades of professional experience writing, reporting, and editing lifestyle content for a variety of digital and print consumer-facing publications including Parents, Shape, Astrology, and more. She is currently based in Los Angeles and completing her first title with Artisan Books to be published in early 2023.

As the cardinal fire sign, known for taking the initiative and blazing trails, Aries is the perfect sign to kick off a whole new astrological cycle every spring equinox. And if you’ve been feeling like 2022 has been off to a sluggish start, the season ruled by the dynamic, action-oriented sign could bring the excitement, passion, and go-getter vibes you’ve been missing.

This year, the sun will move through the sign of the Ram – ruled by Mars, the planet of action, sex, strength, and courage – from March 20 to April 19. The sun is considered exalted in Aries, meaning it’s able to reach its highest potential, making this a season that’s tailored to feeling self-directed, confident, and empowered to get after your goals.

While the sun moves through Aries annually, the astrological highlights of Aries season change from year to year. Here’s what you can expect in 2022 and how to make the most of the season.

Romantic energy will continue throughout the season, thanks to plenty of lingering Pisces vibes.

While the sun moves into Aries, several planets continue to hang in mutable water sign Pisces, ruled by dreamy Neptune. Though you could be feeling fired up to move the ball forward on big picture goals Ram-style, Venus, the planet of relationships, moves through Pisces from April 5 to May 2, making you more likely to get swept up in daydreams and wear rose-colored glasses, particularly when it comes to socializing and love.

From April 10 to 29, messenger Mercury moves through Taurus, the grounded, fixed earth sign, which is ruled by Venus, setting sugar daddy ks a sensual tone in communication and thinking. If you’re single and have been talking to someone who seems to have partner potential, this transit could slow things down but also boost your ability to think pragmatically versus impulsively. If you’re attached, it’s a sweet time to have heart-to-hearts with your S.O., because everyone should be expressing themselves in a way that’s more chill and centered than previously. April 17 could be an especially lovely day to connect mentally, as Mercury will form a friendly sextile to Venus, setting an easygoing, compassionate tone.

The focus will definitely be on relationships – with yourself and others.

On March 31 (PT)/April 1 (ET), the Aries new moon can boost your focus on what you want to achieve for yourself – and how you plan to make it happen. It’ll emphasize self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-reliance. And because the moon forms a conjunction to Mercury, the planet of communication, you could be inspired to put your bold vision into words now.

On the flip side, April 16 marks a full moon in cardinal air sign Libra. Every full moon is about relationships, to some extent, because it highlights the push-pull between two opposite signs: the one that the sun is currently moving through and the one that the moon is in. But because Libra’s ruled by Venus, the planet of love, this particular full moon is super-charged to highlight culmination points in relationships. And because serious Saturn, which is all about commitment, forms harmonizing angles to the confident sun and the moon, it’s an ideal time to lay solid groundwork and take an ongoing bond to the next level.

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