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Half dozen interview was presented face-to-face and one by mobile, long-term ranging from 45–90 moments

Half dozen interview was presented face-to-face and one by mobile, long-term ranging from 45–90 moments

In-breadth, semi-structured interviews was indeed held anywhere between with seven women that had been sugar dating at that time or had before done this. Afterwards these people were totally verbatim transcribed; the ingredients was minimally edited for duration and you will quality. All the pinpointing research could have been anonymized.

Purposive testing and the snowball means were used to recruit members. Purposive sampling comes to seeking an effective ‘closely outlined group getting who the research matter might possibly be significant’ (Smith and you can Osborn 2008 , 56). I employed five participants from the social network Fb through a blog post a number of people-only support groups looking to ladies who got ever before glucose old otherwise was in fact doing this and you may would be happy to be interviewed.

The fresh standards were the second: females located in The united kingdomt who were sugar relationships or had in past times done this, anywhere between 18 and you will 30 years old, who’d obtained or have been looking for an undergraduate studies. In the event I became aware new ‘Websites society constitutes a biased test of your own full society in terms of demographic characteristics’ (Baltar and you can Brunet 2012 , 58), it group prejudice is actually employed for my personal look purposes, since younger some body will go online significantly more intensely than simply older cohorts (Hargittai and you will Hinnant 2008 ).

To discover the remaining portion of the players I operating the fresh new snowball method: immediately after a willing lookup participant is, this person provides the detective title of another you are able to participant, which provides various other title, etc. This process is frequently used whenever professionals are hard to reach (F ) since it is the situation for females whom do sugaring dynamics. Several users known a couple of most other women who wanted to be questioned. The fresh resulting participants was indeed the next ( Dining table 1 ):

Penned on the web:

Throughout the procedure of choosing, also within the investigation of information, a good feminist ethics are then followed; especially, feminist viewpoint idea: New participants’ feel had been sensed a valid locus where appropriate scientific training was brought (Harding 1991 ). The information and knowledge was indeed analysed playing with feminist vital commentary studies (CDA), and therefore permits this new examination of ‘the constitutive role you to discourses gamble within the modern society’ (Vaara 2010 , 217) as well as shows the web link anywhere between discursive or other social techniques – in this situation, glucose dating. The fresh responses of the participants was analysed selecting coordinating habits and you will templates, as well as the trustworthiness of the details was made sure by making use of ongoing evaluation to their solutions on the interview, and making sure posteriori one users decided on interview transcript.

Good feminist ethics of reflexivity might have been followed whereby I keeps desired to establish a reciprocal relationships according to sympathy and admiration into the members, respecting the reality that brand new individuals explored are experts in the reports of one’s own lifestyle. The knowledge right here exhibited might have been constructed collaboratively just like the responses of the members is a response to the questions of the writer. Therefore, claims from universality and positivist objectivity is actually missing out of this lookup.

To ensure that the players didn’t sense distress whenever coating sensitive and painful topics, several procedure were operating: debriefing the latest interview, offering a summary of relevant organizations you to help student gender pros, and you will asking once or twice if the interviewees was basically comfortable and you will need to resume the newest conversation.


When you look at the interview, members were questioned to explain area of the circumstances you to definitely shared toward the decision to sugar time. Financial strive is recognized as area of the grounds, even in the event all of the people had received an educatonal loan. Other relevant affairs albeit reduced pressing, had been the possible lack of time for you to take part in complete-date functions and the need to feel a superior lives than just the only they could manage because the students.

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