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eight.2. Binary Dependencies – Is based , Advises , Ways , Improves , Pre-Is based ¶

eight.2. Binary Dependencies – Is based , Advises , Ways , Improves , Pre-Is based ¶

Keep in mind that the newest binary package matchmaking sphere such as for example Depends are available in one of the digital bundle chapters of the latest manage document, whereas the fresh new generate-day matchmaking such Generate-Is based are available in the source bundle section of the manage document (which is the very first section)

Packages normally claim in their handle file that they have certain relationships for other packages – including, which they cannot be hung at the same time due to the fact particular other bundles, and/otherwise that they depend on the clear presence of anybody else.

This is done utilising the Would depend , Pre-Is based , Suggests , Ways , Improves , Vacations and you will Conflicts control industries. Breaks is actually demonstrated for the Packages and that break most other bundles – Getaways , and you can Conflicts is discussed inside Contradictory binary packages – Disputes . The rest are described less than.

Except for Improves and Vacations , they appear regarding founded (binary) package’s handle document. ( Enhances seems about suggesting package’s control document, and you can Breaks looks regarding sort of relied-on plan which causes the entitled bundle to break).

A depends occupation takes feeling only when a package is always to become set up. It generally does not avoid a great deal becoming towards program for the an enthusiastic unconfigured condition when you are its dependencies try unsatisfied, and is possible to replace a deal whoever dependencies are met and that is properly hung that have a different version whose dependencies aren’t and should not end up being met; if this is performed new oriented package would be left unconfigured (while the tries to configure it does provide errors) and won’t setting properly. When it is required, a great Pre-Would depend field may be used, which includes a limited feeling whether or not a deal will be unpacked, because explained in detail below. (Additional about three dependency fields, Recommends , Means and you can Advances , are just utilized by various top-ends so you’re able to dpkg eg appropriate-rating , abilities , and you may dselect .)

Because Depends just metropolitan areas standards into the purchase in which packages was set up, packages when you look at the an installation work with usually are all the unpacked first and you will all the designed after. step 3

If there’s a bent reliance certainly one of bundles becoming strung otherwise got rid of, setting up otherwise removing acquisition remembering new reliance order is impossible, demanding the brand new reliance circle feel damaged will ultimately together with reliance standards violated for around you to definitely bundle. Bundles working in round dependencies may possibly not be able to rely on their dependencies being designed ahead of it themselves are configured, depending on and that area of the crack of the game reliance circle it happen to be into. If an individual of one’s packages informed does not have any postinst program, then years was damaged at that bundle; which means most of the postinst programs are run making use of their dependencies securely set up if this is you’ll. Otherwise the fresh breaking area try haphazard. Packages is always to ergo stop game dependencies where possible, particularly when they have postinst texts.

So it announces an absolute dependency. A package are not configured except if all bundles placed in their Depends occupation was accurately designed (unless discover a circular dependency while the discussed significantly more than).

This type of seven fields are acclimatized to declare a dependency matchmaking of the one plan into another

Brand new Is based field are going to be utilized in case your relied-for the package is required to the depending plan to provide a beneficial significant amount from capability.

The brand new Would depend job should also be utilized in case the postinst or prerm scripts need the depended-to your plan to-be unpacked otherwise designed so you can work at. When it comes to postinst configure , the new depended-into the bundles was unpacked and you may set up first. (When the each other packages take part in an addiction cycle, this could perhaps not become questioned; comprehend the cause several paragraphs straight back.) In the case of prerm or any other postinst methods, the package dependencies will generally end up being about unpacked, nonetheless they is generally merely “Half-Installed” in the event the a previous change of reliance were not successful.

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