For many of us or our children, formal education started in these classrooms. The hallways are a testament to these children, with graduating class pictures lining the entire way on the first floor.

This site is for and dedicated to the Alumni Students, Alumni Parents, and Alumni Teachers/Staff, whose lives make up the foundations of Our Lady of Grace Catholic School of Castro Valley, California.

In 1955, OLG School opened accepting 250 students in grades 1 thru 4. The Carmelite Sisters of Charity arrived from Madrid, Spain to be the school’s first teachers. With each passing year, a new class of first graders was added to the school. In 1960, OLG School celebrated its first graduating class.

In a K-8 school, everyone is an ALUMNI. The students, the parents, the teachers and the staff. With this understanding, all of you, students, parents, teachers and staff are invited to enjoy these pages, and contribute when you are so inclined. There is so much history in those school hallways, and in all our hearts.

If you would like to give back to this very special school or church, there are many wonderful ways to contribute. On our Endowments/Bequests page, we list a few options that have proved very interesting. These options are described in basic generalities and should be discussed with your financial adviser.

Ah, with each new year, there is a new OLG graduating class. Class pictures however, are not included here till they have reached high school graduation age… their minds and bodies need to be in high school.

But that means this site will never be “done”. There will always be new information in the future with new classes coming and going. But also more “stuff” from the past as previous classes start remembering and contributing to these pages.

So consider this a canvas before you, a color by numbers picture of life at OLG. We’d love you all to take a color pencil and color.

— OLG School Board —

Just some of the things new to the site.

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