Endowments / Bequests

Disclaimer for Bequest and Endowment Discussions

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RMDs and QCDs


Tax deferred IRAs require that the participant take distributions that will be taxable starting at the age of 72 years [ as of 2021, before it was 72 ½ years ]. The minimum amount required depends on a formula that takes into account your age and the value of your IRA. This Required Minimum Distribution or RMD, must be taken each year when required or else the participant can be assessed a penalty.


A Qualified Charitable Distribution or QCD is a contribution made directly from the participants IRA to a charitable organization. This contribution is excluded from your gross annual income for that year, up to specified limits.

RMD meets QCD

You can make a QCD anytime from your IRA to the benefit of your favorite charitable organization. The availability of the QCD option when you must execute an RMD, allows you just another choice in your financial dealings. How much of your RMD to exercise as a QCD is a decision you must make. As with all such actions, understand the tax implications as you move forward.